Who seduces Danira Boukhriss Our TV tips for tonight

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Wie mag Danira Kuss?
Danira Boukhriss tonight is seduced by Tom Waes, Bart Cannaerts and Vincent Valckx. Waes and Cannaerts need no introduction, but this lies with Vincent Valckx slightly different. Valckx is editor in production deMENSEN and hence works behind the scenes of this "May I kiss you." He knows the format like no other and may know that way to impress the ravishing Vilvoordse Danira Boukhriss.          "May I kiss you?" At 21.20 on One.
You already know that Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar Monday were the big winners at the Grammys. But apart from the 'best of' that was shared on all the news, you're curious about the conduct of such a big award show? Tonight 2BE sends out the whole gala. Note: Adele will sing false. And she knows himself. "58th Annual Grammy Awards, at 23:00 on 2BE.
Wolverine in Japan

Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine was by far the most popular character of the first three "X-Men' movies and so it was not long before he got his own movie. 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' he could only count on a lukewarm reception because the origin of Wolverine has been revealed and it was not very overwhelming. 2BE brings tonight's second attempt to give Wolverine a self-contained movie. This time he goes to Japan, where he first was vulnerable in his life. While the story makes little sense, the numerous action scenes are more than worth it. Jackman has recently announced that it has received a script for his last appearance as Wolverine. 'The Wolverine' at 20.35 on 2BE.